Respect the women and protect the civilization

Women Rights are Human Rights

Civil liberties Monitoring Committee on the occasion of International women’s day expresses its solidarity towards all the women of the world who are struggling for their rights and freedom from oppression. This day is celebrated to recognize the services of women in the formation of a strong society and leads this society towards civilization. History is the witness that, from the beginning of the human civilization women has taken up the most important values. From the past to the present women has played an important role in every walk of life and fulfilled their responsibility as a woman at work place and woman as a home maker.

In different countries of the world, there are laws on the rights of the women. There is a special charter in the United Nations Organization (UNO) also. But even after all this; the implementation is not done in proper sense. Due to which, the women who are working at the grass root level and in the interior places, are unable to get their rights. Still it is strongly believed that this male dominated world is not providing proper space to the women by giving references to the so called customs and traditions. Apart of all the women’s’ rights all over the world including in the developed, developing and under developed countries, women are still suffering under varied reasons. This is largely due to particular mindset against the women. In this modern world, still the girl child is not allowed education; women have restrictions on moving out, burden of household work, restriction on personal liberty etc. Women all around the world, instead of recognizing as a human being, are still considered a sex symbol; she is abused, exploited and tortured mentally and physically. Wherever there are conflict zones, war zones across the world women condition is miserable because she is used as weapon of war, tool of revenge and what not! In such cases women are victims of crime against humanity.

In India, though there are lots of laws, fundamental rights and slogans of ‘beti bachao, beti padhao’, etc. but if we see the implementation of these it is very minimal, due to lack of will power and political will. In India, millions of women are living under the poverty line and they are not even able to have two times meals properly. They do not have proper arrangements to get school education and even if there are schools, there are no facilities of sanitation. Still the customs and traditions in our country are so dominated that the women is still suffering under that. Woman is not safe in India, in the houses, on the streets, at the work places, at the police stations.

Under these circumstances, women all over the world and especially in our country India, is struggling to overcome the difficulties and to live a respectable life with human dignity. Lot is said orally and in written about the rights and dignity of women but at ground level that is not seen in practice. So, on the occasion of International Women’s Day, we want to remind the people of the world that whatever is written and said on the rights of women and the laws for the protection of women, those should be implemented. So that women can lead a fearless, respectable and dignified life because women rights are in fact human rights.

On this occasion, Civil Liberties Monitoring Committee express its solidarity with all the women who are struggling against the oppression, suppression, exploitation and fighting for the freedom, equal rights and dignity. It is the need of the hour and demand of the time to change the mindset of the dominant men towards women, so that the laws, charters and rights of the women can be implemented properly all over the world.

Lateef Mohammed Khan

Gen. Secretary