Press Release

Humanity hanging in shame on Bhopal fake encounter killing in India

Aler fake encounter repeated in Bhopal of Madhya Pradesh

Fake encounter killing has become a policy of Indian government

Civil Liberties Monitoring Committee states that there are no enough words to condemn the brutality and inhuman act done by the BJP led Madhya Pradesh government by killing the eight under trial Muslim prisoners in the name of “encounter”. After seeing the Bhopal fake encounter killing and the cruelty of the police personnel backed by the state government it is clear that killing under trial Muslim prisoners in the name of “encounter” has become the policy of the BJP government. Their trial was near to completion and they had chances of acquittal from the court, but the state did not want them to be acquitted so they chose them, made plans, scripted and staged drama, killed and then named it as encounter. On this whole episode of planned killing, humanity is hanging in shame.

After seeing this cruel operation, once again the Aler encounter of Telangana state by the TRS government is reminded. The same has been repeated in Bhopal of Madhya Pradesh. In both the incidents youth were Muslims who were under trial prisoners, their trial had come to an end and they had great hopes and fair chances of acquittal from all the charges that were framed against them after which they would’ve lead a normal life as free men. But it is a matter of great concern that the under trial Muslim prisoners are not safe in Indian jails. In the present era of BJP’s Hindutva government, the sword of encounter always hangs over them; when and who will be encountered is matter of time suitable to the ruling fascist governments at centre and state levels. It is a matter of fact that killing of people in the name of “encounter” has become a policy of the Indian government; instead of bringing them to justice the state is itself deciding who and when has to be killed sparing no space for the judiciary to provide justice.

On this encounter already many questions have raised on police action and dubious standard of state government. People of India are unable to understand the story of under trials fleeing from jail. But it is largely believed that the conspiracy is hatched to bring them out from the jail, taken to secluded and open place in the outskirts of Bhopal and were asked to run to save their lives, but they must have understood that they would be killed because in a video it is seen that they raised their hands pleasing the police to spare them. But as the plan was already scripted and sanctioned by the government to kill them, they were gunned down mercilessly in front of huge crowd by the security forces along with the slogans ‘shoot him in the chest still he is alive’, Bharat mata ki jai’ etc. In short, this killing is the clear evidence of how fake encounters take place in India.

When the under trials are killed by the state and police on the name of encounter, the judiciary is always deaf and dumb on the impunity by the state and police. It never makes the state and police neither accountable nor even questions as to how can the police kill the under trial prisoners who are in the judicial custody. The judiciary never takes any such killing as suo motu case and never runs any trial against the killers. Recently Chief Justice of India had cried on the large amount of cases pending & vacancies in the courts. But it is a matter of sad affairs that not even a single tear falls from his eyes or a single word from his mouth on the killing of human beings in the name of encounter.

Civil Liberties Monitoring Committee demands the Chief Justice of India to express minimum humanity and show the presence of judiciary in India by taking this case as suo motu under section 302 of IPC against the security personnel who are involved and the Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh without whose approval this encounter killing would not have taken place. He must act atleast now when more than 40 people have been killed within a week in the name of encounter in Indian states of Andhra, Orissa, and Madhya Pradesh.  

This committee appeals to the people of India to pressurize the Indian ruling political classes to end the encounter culture and respect the ‘right to life’ of the citizens of India.

Lateef Mohammed Khan

Gen. Secretary