Handwara molestation of a teenager by Indian Army and subsequent police firing is crime against Humanity
Repeal AFSPA and withdraw the Armed forces from Jammu & Kashmir

Civil Liberties Monitoring Committee condemn the Handwara molestation of a teenager girl by an army man and subsequent police firing on Kashmiri people protesting against the brutality of Indian army. CLMC believes that Indian army is involved in molestation and rape of Kashmiri girls and women and in fact Army is using this inhuman act as a weapon against the Kashmiri people to take revenge or to suppress the voice of the people and to demoralize them. Here in this case the molestation of 16 year old teenage girl at Handwara should also be seen from the point of view that the Indian Army use rape and abduction as a weapon and Indian state and Kashmiri administration kill the innocent people to hide this atrocious act of the Army and police. The extend of this brutality is that they kept the girl and the family under the illegal detention for days together and the Kashmiri government also does not take any remedial steps in this matter.

Civil Liberties Monitoring Committee believes that Handwara molestation case and subsequent police firing on Kashmiri youth is crime against humanity. It should be noted that since 1992 around one lakh people are killed by the Indian Army and the security forces; and molestation, rape, kidnapping, mass murders etc. became the tools in the hands of the Armed and security forces to suppress the popular demand of Kashmiri people for self determination. It is a matter of grave concern for the whole civil society of this world that Kashmiri people cannot enjoy right to life with human dignity; they do not have the right to expression nor they have right to self determination.

Civil Liberties strongly believe that in Kashmir human rights violation is on its peak level. There is grave infringement of the charter of Universal Declaration of Human Rights at every step in Kashmir by the Armed and security forces.

Under these circumstances, this committee appeals to the people to speak for the Kashmiri people’s human rights and civil liberties. We demand the Indian government to repeal AFSPA immediately and withdraw the Armed forces from Jammu & Kashmir. We also demand to respect the sentiments of Kashmiri people.

Lateef Mohammed Khan
Gen. Secretary