Press Release

Demonetisation of currency notes is an act of curbing the civil liberties of the Indian people

Civil Liberties Monitoring Committee strongly condemns the sudden irrational act of demonetization of the currency notes by the Narendra Modi led BJP government. By this imperious act, civil liberties of Indian people are excessively curbed by the Modi government. Sudden cancellation of currency notes, closing of banks and ATM points is not just a matter of administrative decision; this might have been a calculated strategy of the Modi government to divert the attention from bringing back black money stored in foreign banks. Everyone knows that black money is in foreign banks in the form of foreign currency. The black money is also in the form of gold, shares in multi- national companies and properties outside India.

This committee denounces this anti people act which is done in the name of administrative grounds to control the fake currency and black money. The act of Modi is politically motivated with ill intentions. It is a matter of grave concern that in this modern democratic era, a person Modi is just announcing order of cancelling the currency, closing the banks and locking the ATMs. This kind of act can be done only by such ruler who does not care about the people but has only love towards power. Modi through this act has tried to divert the attention of the country from the important and burning issues; this act is nothing but a drama on the name of black money and the common people are facing its consequences. At this point, the lives of Indian people have been paralyzed. Modi during the elections i.e. before coming to power had promised that all the black money present in the foreign banks would be brought back to India and every Indian would get a share of Rs. 15 lakhs each. But Modi could not dare this, instead with this political stunt, he has made the lives of common people miserable. Therefore, Civil Liberties demand the President of India to intervene into the situation so that normalcy prevails in the country.

Lateef Mohammed Khan

Gen. Secretarycurrency