Mohammed Nayeemuddin was killed by the Telangana state police on 8th August 2016 and named it as encounter but it is a matter of fact that it is nothing but extra judicial killing and not encounter. Even though Nayeem was a dreaded criminal, no one has right to take away neither his life nor any other person’s life; he should have been brought to justice. By taking the law into their own hands, the police are undermining the very basis for which the judiciary exists. This is the stand of Civil Liberties Monitoring Committee.

There are more than 100 cases and 20 murder charges against Nayeem, but still he was able to escape from the police clutches almost 11 times. How can it be possible? Police personnel take utmost care even in the case of a small criminal, then how come he was able to run away from such police personnel? How was he able to gather thousands of crores of rupees property by being involved in grave crimes? Who has provided support to him to continue such crimes? These are the basic questions emerging in the minds of people.

It is a matter of fact that police has used Nayeem as ‘out sourcing’ to suppress the Naxalites, to kill human rights activists etc. Who are the officers and political leaders who turned people like Nayeem into gangster? To hide all these names and the whole criminal mafia, Nayeem has been killed and then named it as an encounter. People have the right to know the facts. Civil Liberties Monitoring Committee demands to conduct enquiry through a sitting judge on illegal activities as well as encounter killing. Committing crimes, promoting and attracting to commit crimes is more than crime.

Though Nayeem was a member of Peoples War Group, but later he surrendered himself to the police and became police informer. After that, he turned into gangster and became don who formed various gangs, looked into the land and business settlements. All his illegal activities had support from high level ruling political class leaders and police officers. It should be remembered that he was brought up during the regime of Telugu Desam Party and Congress party under the direct guidance of Chandrababu Naidu and Rajshekhar Reddy just to suppress the peoples’ movement.

While maintaining armed gangs, he used to pass threatening calls to the human and civil rights activists, demanding them to stop their activities. It is open secret that he has killed APCLC members Purushottam, Azam Ali and Kanakachary and also kidnapped Dr. Laxman. Ballet singer, Belli Lalita was brutally killed by him. Many other human and civil rights activists received threatening calls from him and his gangs,”Nallamalla Cobras”, “Bharat Talwars”, “Tigers” etc. this was in nexus between police and Nayeem’s militia, pressurizing the activists to give up their activities.

Though Civil Liberties Monitoring Committee strongly believes that if at all Nayeem would have been arrested instead of killing, then definitely lot of big politicians, high ranking police officers would have been exposed by him who turned him into a gangster to carry out all the illegal activities which they could not carry. Even in the Sohrabuddin fake encounter killing, in which the politicians and police of three states are involved, it is learned that Nayeem also played an important role in this case. It would not have been possible for him to carry out such grievous crimes without the support of political leaders and police personnel.

The killing of Nayeemuddin is not the solution for the prevention of crimes; the only solution is that stringent action should be taken against these kinds of politicians and high ranking police officers and they should be brought to justice who breeds such criminals for carrying out their own interests.

Hence, Civil Liberties Monitoring Committee strongly believes and demands that a judicial enquiry commission should be conducted to bring out the facts and the nexus between him, his gangs with the political leaders and police personnel as well the reasons behind the killing of Nayeemuddin.

Lateef Mohammed Khan
General Secretary