Condemn the police action on UoH students and faculty

Demand to sack the Vice-Chancellor immediately

Release the students and withdraw the police forces from the campus

Civil Liberties Monitoring Committee strongly condemns the re-joining of the Vice-Chancellor P.Appa Rao who is facing the grave charges of killing Rohit Vemula, a research scholar of HCU. The same Vice-Chancellor after joining the duty, once again started targeting the students who are fighting to get justice for Rohit Vemula. Actually what happened in these two days is nothing but a planned conspiracy by high level policy makers of Indian government with the collaboration of Telangana government to suppress the student’s movement which emerged as a huge political and democratic force against the RSS and BJP and became a challenge to Modi government. When the governments at the central and state level failed to tackle the movement of the students, they turned it back to the starting point which is HCU. Indian government policy makers are thinking that the Telangana police is more suitable to tackle the movements, because the state has the forces such as Grey Hounds, Special Task Force which are familiar to suppress any kind of movement by using the force and tactics.

This committee received information that large numbers of students are missing, many are injured severely and several students and few faculty members are detained by the police. The police even threatened the female students of sexual assault, passed sexist and racial comments apart from dragging them. There is no doubt that this can happen with them any time. VC Appa Rao with the nexus of police stopped the supply of water, closed the messes, cut off the electricity and internet services. In this second phase of HCU fight of justice for Rohit Vemula, there is clear indication that this time the Telangana government is providing all logistic support to the central government and VC Appa Rao, so that this movement cannot spread all over Telangana state. Now the situation at HCU is dangerous and the lives of students and faculty are under threat. All the fundamental rights of the students are snatched away; there is no space for democratic rights. Civil Liberties Monitoring Committee believes that the Hyderabad Central University is passing through tough time. One side is the notorious Telangana police and the other side is the fascist Hindutva state with the collaboration of the policy makers playing with the lives of the students and doing their maximum to brand them anti-social and anti-national. In fact it is greater conspiracy of the Hindutva forces to implement their fascist agenda at the universities of India by suppressing the democratic forces.

Civil Liberties Monitoring Committee appeals to the people of India to stand with the students of University of Hyderabad in the greater interest of social justice and democratic rights.

1. Demand to sack and arrest VC Appa Rao immediately.

2. CLMC demands to release all the students and faculty who are detained and arrested by the police

3. Demand to withdraw the police force from the campus.

4. Restore the democratic rights of the students of University of Hyderabad.

Lateef Mohammed Khan

Gen. Secretary