Civil Liberties Monitoring Committee strongly condemns the arrest of Muslim youth of Hyderabad. It seems that once again terror has stroke the lives of Muslims of Hyderabad in the form of joint operation by NIA and Task Force police of Hyderabad. The stories released by police through media are unbelievable and unimaginable. It has become the practice of state to target the Hyderabadi Muslims to defame and isolate them from the mainstream and to spoil their lives. It has earlier happened in the year 2007 in the name of Makkah Masjid bomb blast and in the same way this time also it is taking place in the name of ISIS module with the charges of creating disturbance on the eve of Ramzan Eid. There is no doubt that Hyderabad police is very much notorious in making false stories and implicating the Muslim youth in the fabricated cases with the false allegations. But the matter of concern is that this time NIA’s role is also not beyond suspicion. NIA is following the ruling political party policy to suppress the Muslims and also to give free hands to Hindutva elements by providing them a clean chit as it has happened in Sadhvi Pragnya Singh Thakur who is an accused in Malegaon bomb blast.

This committee received the information that, NIA Hyderabad unit by registering a case No. RC-01/2016/NIA/HYD started its late night operation in the old city of Hyderabad and arrested 11 Muslim youth within the age group of 21-40 years old. Police is accusing them that they are the key members of Ansarul Touheed, a breakaway group of Indian Mujahideen which has close connection with ISIS. As per the police stories, in this group recruitment was done through internet and web based applications. The NIA is also accusing them of preparing criminal conspiracy to wage war against government of India by collecting weapons and explosive material.

With such kind of stories by police it can provide them rewards, awards and promotions but the future of Muslim youth is spoiled. The family members of these Muslim youth categorically are denying all the charges framed against their kin by NIA by stating that their youth are innocent. Parents also said that most of the youth were arrested when they were returning from the morning (Fajr) prayers. The police raided on their houses by saying that they are from Income Tax office and started searching; the family members were astonished by this kind of searching. They were surprised by the serious charges framed on their kin by police through media; it is just to blame them.

Civil Liberties believe that it has become habit of the police and they are tactfully targeting Muslim community on fabricated stories. Police is spreading these kinds of stories through media in such a manner that a common man will believe that stories, it becomes easier when the person is a Muslim and religious who will be labeled as terrorist. This committee reminds the government of Telangana that it has promised that the TRS government would save and protect the life and liberty of Muslims in new state. But instead of this, Muslims lives have become miserable.

Civil Liberties Monitoring Committee demands the government of Telangana to restore the life and liberty of Muslim youth and keep a check on anti-Muslim police officers who are implicating Muslim youth in the false cases. This committee also demands high level enquiry on the arrest and detention of the Muslim youth. We also demand to stop targeting of Muslim youth in Hyderabad.

Lateef Mohammed Khan
Gen. Secretary