Mr.Lateef Mohd Khan General Secretary of Civil Liberties Monitoring Committee in a press statement has stated that it’s been 10 years since the  rape and brutal murder of 19 year old Ayesha Meera a native of Tenali and a student of Nimra college of Vijayawada,but till now justice has eluded Ayesha Meera and her family.

with the unholy collusion and nexus of the politicians and policemen the whole investigation process has been sabotaged. And to save the real perpetrators of crime the supposed to be an independent and impartial investigation was influenced and given a wrong direction, thus making a mockery of justice.

It may be recalled how exactly 10 years back 19 year old Ayesha Meera who was a first year B. Pharmacy student of Nimra Medical college just returned back to her college hostel after celebrating Eid with her family on the fateful night of 27-12-2007 was sadistically raped and dreadfully murdered and her blood soaked naked dead body was thrown in the bathroom of the hostel.

After the incident there was a rage of anger and sorrow among the general public and there was a widespread belief about the involvement of the hostel’s warden, grandson of a politician and the local Vijayawada mafia in the incident as there was a Christmas party underway at the ground floor of the hostel in the night when this incident has occurred.

Since the very beginning of the investigation Police did not acted in a fair manner and instead on each alternate day showed the arrest of some other person and announced that particular person to be the assailant of Ayesha Meera but only to be let off on the ground of mistaken identity. As a result of this pernicious investigation in the end a handicapped dalit youth Satyam Babu was made a scape goat.

The local trail court even appallingly convicted this handicapped youth and gave him a sentence of 14 years imprisonment. But in April 2017 the Hon’ble High Court reversed the trail court’s judgement and finding fault in the police investigation the High Court did not just acquitted Satyam Babu but also ordered the government to pay the compensation to Satyam Babu and also order disciplinary action against the police officer who detracted the investigation process.

In the line of the Hon’ble High Court’s scathing observations now the pertinent question is who are the rapist and murderer of Ayesha Meera.

When Chandrababu Naidu was the opposition leader he took politicaladvantage of this incident and declared the involvement of local congress leaders in the crime. But when the roles were reversed and after becoming the chief minister he has become totally mum on this issue and even after the directions of the high court did not called for reinvestigation into this haunting crime. In these hostile conditions the parents of Ayesha Meera since past 10 years are running from pillar to post begging justice for their slain child.

Under this conditions and circumstances the Civil Liberties Monitoring Committee on this juncture of the 10th anniversary of Ayesha Meera’s rape and murder demand the Government of Andhra Pradesh to conduct a fresh, fair and impartial investigation from the beginning. And it’s an appeal to the people to build pressure on the government of Andhra Pradesh led by Chandra Babu Naidu to deliver justice to slain Ayesha Meera and her grieving family.

The civil society should not forget that Ayesha Meera was the daughter of Teachers (both father and mother are in teaching profession) and a girl student of socially and educationally backward Muslim community, who wanted to pursue higher studies in medical course to make a status in the society and to serve the humanity, but anti-social element criminals, has violated the honour of this modest girl and murdered her in most brutal manner. For the sake of the self-respect of the respect of parents and greater interest of humanity Ayesha Meera’s soul should receive justice and her murderers should face the punishment for their inhuman crimes.

Ayesha Miraa